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Our Support Team works in hand with all clients for every requirement. We organize the work together for making the product, designing it in accordance with clients aesthetic and performance requirements. We assist and help you create the most suitable product for your needs and make you get satisfaction from your own customers.

Our Support Team is well trained to provide hints and suggestions in selection a products or materials for each project.

Installation Support

At NWI, we don’t do product installations ourselves. Instead, we work with trusted local companies to ensure the job is done right.

Technical Area

Our Works starts from the production department; every day is a new day for us. NWI never compromises the quality of the material which always acquired from top brands industry and for our doors we mainly use 1st quality Burma Teak, Ghana 1st and 2nd quality, steam beach, sal, patak and so on.

We at NWI provide products in different textures, patterns, styles and colours, the long-term study of each wood material made us to create leading-edge customized products.

Our Production team gives attention to all raw materials used in our factory in order to formulate the state-of-the-art products in the market.

We use the Italian technology which has been manufactured by our High tech robust German Machines to produce durable, stable and fine-looking products.

Technical Maintenance

Weeping your windows in NWIal condition and performance requires simple but necessary maintenance efforts. Please familiarize yourself with the following periodic inspections, cleaning and maintenance to prevent costly repairs that will ensure the full effectiveness of your Warranty.

Entry Doors

  • • Lubricate Hinges with silicone based spray
  • • Clean hardware with diluted household cleaner
  • • Wipe clean operator, hinges, tracks, arms and handles
  • • Lubricate rotary operators with Lithium Grease or Petroleum Jelly
  • • Lubricate all other moving parts with silicone based spray
  • • Adjust door sweep by removing interior cover strip (in-swing doors only) and loosening screws

Research & Development

Origin develops each of its products after a lot more research to offer a state-of-the art product to all its clients.

We always work with our clients to provide a product which matches their requirement, thereby it helps us to improve and strengthen our production unit. We also analyze the market to understand new trends in terms of style and products, to ensure that our experience in working wood is at the service of the industry.

Our Management is very keen on understanding the raw material before using them in the Production Unit. At NWI, we analyze, experiment the new product to find its reaction in different methods and finalize new techniques in order to provide the quality products in the market.

Product Guarantee

All NWI wood Products are guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship by one of the best warranties in the industry.